Hard Rock Rising Singapore 2012 Champions

Back from hibernation!

Oh, it feels good to be home. By home, I mean back in the sewers of Honorable Rat. I was lost for a while, trying to incorporate my love for music and comedy into this site. I was afraid that if I veered too far from food and travel, Ratketeers will not understand this site anymore, but guess what? Change is good! I still very much want to share my stories, food reviews and the same old, same old with you guys, but that's not enough! I want more! I also want to share my journey of stand-up comedy and music here, so there's gonna have to be some changes around here. The "Sewer" Talk tab in the "Videos" section of this site will be updated to include videos of my stand-up comedy and music performances! Also, I have plans to do Snack Runs with comedians whom I've met these past few months. That way, I can combine my passion for comedy, food and travel. Muahahahahahaha! Ratketeers, I am back. Here's a video of me dancing my tail off to say... HELLO AGAIN!

Moochie Mac & Superfriends battled 13 bands to be crowned the champions of Hard Rock Rising Singapore 2012

And... I'm on Instagram!

From today onwards, I will not be sending anymore newsletters to those who have signed up to our mailing list. I would much prefer to build a friendship with you via Instagram. It's more personal that way. Feel free to follow and keep in touch with me here