Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Tokyo DisneySea

The only theme park in the world in which attractions don't really matter!

DisneySea is the only theme park in the world in which I can spend the whole day without going on a single attraction. DisneySea itself is the biggest attraction in DisneySea, if you catch my drift. This is one theme park that I love to walk around in with a snack in my hand while I admire its beauty. Every time I visit DisneySea, I always find something which I've never seen before. Its level of detail is just breathtaking. The power of DisneySea is strong Ratketeer. So strong that it somehow manages to make me wanna remove my wallet from my pocket to buy something when I'm there.

Honorable Rat, I thought you hated shopping?

Yes I do, but not in Tokyo Disney, especially DisneySea. I love walking around in the shops when I'm there. I usually hate shopping, but the stores are so well themed that I would walk in to check the theming out and walk out with a product or two in a DisneySea shopping bag. Many times, when I'm home, I'm thinking to myself, "Why the hell did I buy this product?!" This is what happens when your emotions get so high that your intelligence shuts down. That has happened to me quite a few times now. 

All that money spent on shopping. What do I do for food?

So, you've spent more than what you've budgeted for on products in DisneySea. Tsk tsk tsk! Looks like both you and I will have to become more financially savvy. Your wallet is getting lighter and your stomach is grumbling louder. What do you do? Never fear Ratketeer! Both your stomach and wallet will forgive you for being an emotional buyer, if you choose to dine in one of these 5 restaurants!

Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Tokyo DisneySea via a song

That song was stupid. I prefer reading!

Sorry Ratketeer. It's been a while since I strummed on that guitar and the voice is getting a little old. Click here to get a hold of this list of 5!

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