Mini Stop


Home of the best soft serve ice cream in convenience stores across Japan

If you have a sweet tooth and happen to come across a Mini Stop in your travels to Japan, head in and get yourself anything on the menu with its vanilla soft serve ice cream. You will not regret it. It's so good that I crave for it at random times of the day. As I'm typing this out right now, I am wishing that I have a cone in my hand. Oh man! Why is there no Mini Stop around my area?! You won't have any problems finding 7-Eleven, Lawson or Family Mart when traveling around Japan, but Mini Stop is a rarity. Moral of this story? If you see a Mini Stop, stop and get these 3 food items!

If you are traveling to Japan and happen to come across a Mini Stop Convenience Store, stop whatever you are doing, head on in and get yourself these 3 food items!

Snack List for Snack Run in Mini Stop

1) X Fries

2) Kinako Brown Sugar Halo Halo

3) Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream