Ameyoko Market, Ueno


Looking for a cheap place in Tokyo to fill your tummy with good food?

Look no further than Ameyoko Market in Ueno. In fact, you can find more than cheap and good food here. It is also one of the best places in Tokyo to get Japanese souvenir snacks at an affordable price. If that's what you are looking for, head on down to Niki No Kashi. It's a one stop shop for your souvenir snack shopping needs. After hours of shopping, your stomach might start to grumble and beg for food. There's nothing I like better in Ameyoko Market than to eat and I'm sure you will enjoy eating here too. You will be spoiled for choice with Ameyoko Market's selection of food. Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Thai and more. For this Snack Run, I got myself Chinese food, Japanese food and an amazing Japanese sweet that blew my socks off!

Ameyoko Market in Ueno

Snack List for Snack Run in Ameyoko Market, Ueno

1) Xiao Long Bao

2) Takoyaki

3) Karinto Manju