Famima Chicken


I eat at convenience stores a lot. Sometimes, a little too much. I can't help it. As the name suggests, convenience stores are well... convenient. They're everywhere. You will be able to find a 7-11, Lawson or Family Mart anywhere in Tokyo and each chain of convenience stores specializes in different types of food. 7-11 is great with microwaveable food. Microwaveable spaghetti, bento boxes, gratins, soups and all that. Lawson's Karaage-kun, which are little nuggets of chicken, are the bomb. Finally, we have Family Mart. In my opinion, Family Mart's Onigiri are the best among all the convenience stores. I also like their coffee and once in a while, I venture into the oily depths of their Famima Chicken.

Famima Chicken costs 180 yen and it's basically fried chicken. When I moved to Japan 3 years ago, there were 2 KFCs close to my home station. They have both closed down since and I can understand why. In Japan, it's so easy to get good fried chicken at the convenience stores. Why pay more at KFC?

My favorite part of Famima Chicken is it's skin. Super crispy and you will enjoy the crackle of it when your teeth sink in. The chicken is marinated really well with a variety of spices and herbs that would give KFC's secret 11 a run for it's money. Be warned though, most of what you will be eating is skin and fat. Famima Chicken is oily, fatty and greasy, but isn't that what fried chicken is supposed to be!? That's what makes it so good! With that being said, I kinda wish for more meat. Keep the grease and the skin. Just add more protein into this and it would be perfect. A great tasting snack that will add a layer of fat around your heart. Eat, pray, go for a jog.

Honorable Rating: Mmm, This Is Good (4/5)