My favorite place to watch the fireworks in Tokyo Disneyland

Where can I watch the fireworks display from in Tokyo Disneyland?

There are many places to watch the fireworks from in Tokyo Disneyland. In fact, you could watch it from anywhere in the park. You could watch it from the courtyard of the castle. You could watch it while having a hot dog at Refreshment Corner. If you are a mathematical genius, you could even time your ride on Splash Mountain right, so as to catch the nightly fireworks display when you visit Brer Rabbit and his crew. Nothing like going down a log while you watch fireworks explode and light up the night sky!

So, you wanna watch the fireworks while visiting Tokyo Disneyland? Look no further than this spot!

Throughout my many years of visiting Tokyo Disneyland and experimenting with different spots to watch the fireworks show from, I've finally found my favorite spot! As you can see from the video above, my favorite spot happens to be in Toontown, close to the entrance of Toontown Five & Dime. I've never had to deal with crowds there and the design of the buildings in Toontown adds to the show. Do try this place out the next time you visit Tokyo Disneyland. Do you have a favorite spot to watch the fireworks from in Tokyo Disney Resort? Leave a comment below!

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