My 5 favorite rides in Tokyo Disneysea


Welcome to the best theme park in the world. Well, to me at least. The day I stepped through the turnstiles with my two little sisters, I fell in love with this park. The park is just so beautiful. TDS is also known to be a dating place for the Japanese. The attractions, IMO, are catered more for adults than Tokyo Disneyland. There are more thrill rides in this park than it's neighboring park. Alcohol is served too. This is one theme park whereby I could spend the whole day with a loved one, take in the sights, sounds and enjoy each other's company without the need to take a single ride. I remember once, two other friends and I got drunk by the bar in S.S. Columbia. Ahhhhhhh, sweet memories. There were no other patrons at the bar. It was just the 3 of us. 3 musicians waiting for their Fastpass timing for The Tower of Terror to arrive by loading up on alcohol in a Disney theme park. The bartenders were definitely entertained by our shenanigans. At least, we thought they were.

Having a drink in S.S. Columbia. One of the best days I ever had in Tokyo Disneysea. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why?

Having a drink in S.S. Columbia. One of the best days I ever had in Tokyo Disneysea. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why?

Anyways, lets get back on point. Romance, adventure and beauty fills the air in TDS. The park itself is the main star and the attractions are it's songs. Some songs became hits and some were just made to complete the album. Here are the top 5 hits that I love to immerse myself in.

1) Tower of Terror

The best version of Tower of Terror in all of Disney. It separates itself from it's brothers and sisters in Paris, Anaheim and Orlando. The Twilight Zone series was not popular in Japan, so what did Tokyo Disney do? They rethemed the whole attraction. Made up a new story and it is super. I love this ride so much that my band decided to write a song about it titled, Shiriki Utundu. A tribute to the little critter. The show building, queue, pre-show, up to the ride itself is amazing. A must ride at TDS. Do pay attention to the Shiriki Utundu idol during pre-show. The illusion it creates is fantastic.

2) Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

This attraction will take you on an adventure. Great animatronics, great set, great show building, great queue and great ride vehicle. Simply put, a great attraction. It is also equipped to take a ride photo for your party.

3) Toy Story Mania

Technology, interactivity and Disney magic combine to create an attraction that makes you want to come back for more. After I took this ride for the 1st time, I immiediately went online to search for tips to hit the high score and lined up for it again. I see myself taking this attraction many more times, just for the right to claim bragging rights.

4) Journey to The Centre of The Earth

This ride is exclusive to TDS. The ride itself is in Mount Prometheus, the icon for the park. The lava monster animatronic in itself is enough to make me want to take this attraction.

5) Aquatopia at night

This might come out as a surprise to a lot of you. Aquatopia is just magical at night. The view is beautiful and if you time it right, you might be able to take a ride on this when the fireworks are happening. Truly magical.

I know that the title of this post is TOP 5 attractions, but I gotto mention 2 more attractions as they are simply breathtaking. Disneysea Electric Railway & Disneysea Transit Steamer at night. I never particularly enjoyed rides like the Big City Vehicles and such, but just like, Aquatopia, the view from this two attractions at night is outstanding. You know the feeling you get when you appreciate a beautiful art piece or listen to an amazing song. When the little hairs on your arms just stand and you feel like you are in love. The view from these two attractions at night, does that for me every time.

The mascot for Tokyo Disneysea’s version of the Tower of Terror. Shiriki Utundu.

The mascot for Tokyo Disneysea’s version of the Tower of Terror. Shiriki Utundu.