230 yen a drink?! OH MY!!


A water fountain at Tom Sawyer Island in TDL
Special thanks to Peter E. Lee for this picture


This is a little money saving tip that I always utilize when I visit the parks nowadays. I always bring along an empty plastic bottle with me. TDR is filled with water fountains, whereby you can refill your bottles and seeing that a drink in TDR is at least 230 yen, that's quite a significant amount that you can save while visiting the parks.

You will be walking around a lot at the resort and it is really important to keep yourself hydrated, especially in the summer time when the weather can be unforgiving at times. If you forgot to take a bottle with you when you left your hotel room, don't fret, there is a crazy high-tech vending machine in Maihama-eki, near the toilets or you could get a bottled drink at NewDays konbini (convenience store) which is on the left, just after you exit the station.

There’s a high-tech vending machine like this at the entrance/exit level of Maihama station. It is by the toilets of the station.
Special thanks to ykanazawa1999 for this picture

Screen of high-tech vending machine
Special thanks to ykanazawa1999 for this picture


230 yen a drink?! Personally, I don't drink soft drinks. I love tea, but I think that it is ridiculous to pay 230 yen for a tea bag and hot water. With that being said, one of my favorite things to do is to buy a round of hot cocoas, stake out a nice spot in Mediterranean Harbor at night, have a great conversation with my loved ones while we enjoy the stellar view, but I never visit TDR without my empty plastic bottle. It is your weapon, my little Padawan. You have to learn when to wield it. May the water fountains be with you.