3 Must Use Systems - Priority Seating


An entree at S.S.Columbia in Tokyo Disneysea
Special thanks to Nagi for the picture


Part 2 of our 3 must use systems blog entry will focus on Priority Seating. I am really excited to share more about this system with you guys because it involves a topic that I love, love, love. FOOD!

So, what is Priority Seating? I would describe Priority Seating as Disney's Fastpass's fat and happy uncle. It's like a Fastpass for restaurants. It is the most amazing system Disney has ever come up with! IT IS GENIUS! It is... a restaurant reservation. I can hear the birds chirping in my head now. All jokes aside, Priority Seating will definitely help your party have minimal wait times at some of the restaurants in the parks. It's also a little different than your typical restaurant reservation. Here's a step by step of how it works.

1) You head to the restaurant of choice with this facility and tell the restaurant staff at the entrance that you want to make a Priority Seating reservation for later on in the day. You choose the time that you want to return for lunch or dinner. This is one difference it has from Disney's Fastpass. You actually get to pick a time.

2) The nice man or lady handling your Priority Seating will give you a ticket to acknowledge your request.

3) Return to the restaurant at your chosen time with your Priority Seating ticket and you will have little to no wait before you get seated. I've used this system loads of times and have never once waited for more than 15 minutes for a table.

Blue Bayou. One of the many restaurants that provides Priority Seating in TDR.
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It's a very simple and effective system. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind regarding Priority Seating.

1) Make your Priority Seating reservation early on in the day. They run out really fast. I've tried making one at 11am for dinner once at Eastside Cafe and there were no more slots available. These run out faster than Disney's Fastpasses.

2) Be on time when you return for your reservation. The staff has the right to give your table away if you are not present.

3) I am going to let you guys in on a piece of information that is really close to my heart. There is this one restaurant that is my favorite in the entire resort. Whenever I head to TDS with my loved ones, I will make a Priority Seating reservation for dinner at this restaurant. The atmosphere and the food is amazing there. I would recommend that you head to make a Priority Seating reservation at Ristorante Di Canaletto for dinner once you enter the park. Pick a time that doesn't clash with Fantasmic. Ask for an outdoor seat by the canal. It is beautiful. I am sure that you won't regret it.

IMHO, the best restaurant in both parks, Ristorante Di Canaletto
Special thanks to dai-kon for the picture


Below is a list of restaurants that provide the Priority Seating facility

Tokyo Disneyland

1) Eastside Cafe

2) Restaurant Hokusai

3) Blue Bayou Restaurant

Tokyo DisneySea

1) Ristorante Di Canaletto

2) Magellan's

3) S.S. Columbia Dining Room

4) Restaurant Sakura

5) Sailing Day Buffet

PS: You can also make a Priority Seating reservations if you are staying at the Disney Hotels. You can do this online. From the reservations page, go to the "My Bookings" tab where you view your existing hotel reservations. There is an option to add dining reservations there. For in-park dining, you can make a reservation 30 days before your check-in date.