3 Must Use Systems - Disney's Fastpass

Fastpass, Priority Seating and Single Rider. Three must know systems to make your visit to TDR that much easier to manoeuver and their all free of charge. Lets get a little more in depth about Disney's Fastpass for this blog entry. Disney's Fastpass is basically a virtual queuing system. You have your park ticket in hand, head to an attraction which has this facility, scan your park ticket at the Fastpass machine and get a ticket with an allotted time. With that ticket, you can return later on in the day to experience the attraction with minimal wait time. For example, taking this picture below as reference, one can return anytime between 12:35 to 13:35 and practically walk on Raging Spirits! Pretty neat system.

Left: Fastpass for JTTCOTE, Middle: Fastpass for Raging Spirits, Right: Park Ticket
Special thanks to sfgamchick for the picture

Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek! Fastpass machine
Special thanks to Peter E.Lee for this picture


There's a few limitations about this system that you should take note of.

1) TDR is rather strict when it comes to sticking with the allotted time on your Fastpass. If for any reason, you return to the attraction before or after your allotted time, they have all the right to not allow you on the Fastpass line for that attraction.

2) You cannot pick the time that you wanna return for your Fastpass. The system does that for you. For example, taking the picture below as reference, if you choose to get a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain and the Fastpass distribution board says 12:00 to 13:00, your Fastpass will be printed as such.

Fastpass Distribution Board
Special thanks to localjapantimes for the picture


3) After getting your Fastpass, you can only get another Fastpass for any attraction after the start of your allotted return time or 2 hours after you got the Fastpass, whichever is earlier.

4) FASTPASSES, DO RUN OUT! So, prioritize the attractions that you really want to see and go collect em passes, arrrrrggggghhhhh. That was me pirate accent. If only you guys could have seen and heard that. You would have been in awe of my amazing talent.

Fastpass distribution finished for the day
Special thanks to woofiegrrl for the picture


On that note, I would like to leave all you guys with the attractions that support this facility.


1) Pooh's Hunny Hunt

2) Big Thunder Mountain

3) Space Mountain

4) Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!

5) Splash Mountain (This attraction also has a single rider line)

6) Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters

7) Haunted Mansion

8) Captain EO


1) Tower of Terror

2) Journey to The Center of The Earth

3) Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of The Crystal Skull (This attraction also has a single rider line)

4) Raging Spirits (This attraction also has a single rider line)

5) Stormrider

6) The Magic Lamp Theater

7) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

8) Toy Story Mania