Welcome to the bestest, realest, honestest review site from the sewers of Japan

What is this site about and who is Honorable Rat?

Honorable Rat lives in the sewers of Tokyo and he surfaces once in a while to scavenge for food. Originally from Singapore, Honorable Rat packed his bags with his wife and kids in them, snuck into a boat and arrived in Japan, hoping to find a better life for his family. Not being able to speak Japanese and being too lazy to learn, he sometimes feels lonely (awwwwww). This website was created to fill that void and is an outlet for him to feel like he is still connected with the world. Here, you will find videos, podcasts, food reviews, trip planning tips and tricks, trip reports, hotel reviews, shopping tips and much more. Everything on this site is unfiltered, uncensored. Every word typed comes from the heart and sometimes, the lower sexier region of the Rat. No holds barred reviews, rants and opinions on life in Japan as an olive-skinned with a big head and a body that seems too frail to hold that big head up. It could make you laugh, it could make you cry, it could make you question life, but also, it could make your trip to Japan (and wherever the Rat family travels to) much more worthwhile. Fasten your seat belts Ratketeer and always remember, Honesty Is The Best Policy, #HITBP