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What is this site about and who is Honorable Rat?

Honorable Rat is a Singaporean living in Japan and there's nothing he loves more than eating and sneaking into Tokyo Disney Resort. Here, you will be able to find food reviews, trip planning tips, videos, photos and trip reports that will assist you on your trip to Tokyo Disneyland, Ikspiari and Tokyo DisneySea. Once in a while, he also travels around Japan and other Disney Resorts around the world hoping to find amazing food.

How do I navigate through the site?

The best way to do this is through this page, The Sewer. This is the spine of the site. From this page, you can find links to various blog posts. You could also go through tabs below the Honorable Rat logo (at the top of the site) or click on categories and tags of individual blog posts. Categories are differentiated by location and every blog post is tagged with type of food, where the food was found and price.

$ = Less than 1,000 yen

$$= 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen

$$$= 2,000 yen and above

What are Honorable Lists?

Honorable Lists are trip planning and food lists that provide you with bullet points style recommendations. If you have no time to navigate through the whole site, this is the best place to visit to plan your Tokyo Disney Resort (and beyond) trip.

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How can you be so bold and call your site the best Tokyo Disney food guide?

Honorable Rat has reviewed the most amount of Tokyo Disney restaurants, dishes, snacks and sweets on the internet... and there's more to come. This site will be updated every Friday in hopes to assist you on planning for your trip to Tokyo Disney Resort and beyond. If you are looking for information on what to eat in Tokyo Disneyland, Ikspiari and Tokyo DisneySea, you've come to the right place. Scroll down to start planning your Tokyo Disney Resort dining adventure.

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Wait! There's more. We also have reviews of hotels around Tokyo Disney Resort...

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And tips & tricks to assist you on your trip to Tokyo Disney!

What are Rat Tales?

Rat Tales are basically trip reports. Here's a little insight on the Rat family. The Rat family consists of Honorable Rat, Wife-chan, Little Mahina and Baby Haku. Rat Tales will be updated whenever these four rats travel to Tokyo Disney Resort on special occasions. The Rat family are also Disney Vacation Club Members with their home resort being Aulani, so you can expect some stories to come out from their trips to Oahu, Hawaii. When there's a story to tell, from travels around Japan and the world, Honorable Rat will be updating this tab.

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On our adventures, we sometimes find products that are too cool to avoid

When that happens, we usually get those items and add them to our eBay Store. It gives us a chance to make some money to continue running this site and more importantly, it gives us an avenue to physically share some Tokyo Disney magic with you. Every item purchased for the store is handpicked by Wife-chan and she takes great pride in making sure that your shopping experience is filled with joy and pixie dust.

Who is that good looking guy in your videos?

Good looking? Been drinking again aye? Well, that would be Honorable Rat. If you scroll over the video tab below our logo, you will see that it extends itself to show 4 different buttons. Sewer Talk, Table Talk, Snack Run and Family Day Out.

Sewer Talk: Trip planning tips and food guides from The Sewer (Home)

Snack Run: Heading out, in search of delicious snacks

Family Day Out: Heading out with the family, in search of kid-friendly restaurants and family-friendly entertainment